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  • Automatically converts RSS feeds into WordPress posts
  • Fully automated content curation using WordPress
  • Includes attached images and videos
  • Customize formats using flexible post templates
  • Advanced post filtering
  • Enhanced tagging engine
  • Regular expression search & replace
  • Import custom fields
  • Override feed data with your own values
  • Fully supports WordPress 2.9 and later
  • See more features…

AutoBlogged™ automatically curates fresh targeted content for your WordPress blog by importing articles from RSS feeds or search keywords. You can use AutoBlogged™ to supplement your own content or build a fully automated blog for keyword targeting, affiliate marketing, aggregating content, or as an alternative to domain parking.

AutoBlogged™ will continuously take each item in the feeds or keyword searches you specify, create a short excerpt, link and give credit to the original article, then add that as a WordPress post. With our powerful post templates feature you can customize how the posts are formatted for your blog and include any extra custom data in the feed. AutoBlogged™ will even automatically add tags and assign categories to each new post.

Whether you are looking to earn affiliate commissions, liven up stale content, build backlinks for parked domains, develop niche sites, or slowly drip-feed content into your own blog, AutoBlogged™ is the most powerful autoblogging software for WordPress.

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