No, AutoBlogged is not Spammy and Not Copyright Infringement

We recently had a customer ask for some help with an issue he was having with AutoBlogged. We do provide free support, but this customer also tried posting to the forums for an answer. He was surprised by a volunteer moderator’s reply: Hi auto blogging plugins are not supported here. These plugins and blogs […]

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Five Filters Full-Text Feeds is the Better Parser

AutoBlogged has the ability to extract full articles from an RSS feed that only contains excerpts, but that feature of AutoBlogged is somewhat new and not as robust as we would like it to be. Fortunately, AutoBlogged works well with other products and one of our favorites is Five Filters Full-Text RSS. There was a […]

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How AutoBlogged Plays Nice

When we set out to build AutoBlogged, the blogging climate at the time was already tense. Autoblogging in general had already received a reputation as a blackhat SEO method and was strongly associated with spamming. In fact, there was even a cute name for spamming autobloggers: sploggers. In our minds, autoblogging was not about stealing […]

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All The WordPress Feeds

Many people know that on a WordPress blog you can add /feed to just about any page to get the RSS feed for that page. There are, in fact, hundreds of different ways that you can create feeds from your WordPress blog. This can be quite helpful to autobloggers who want to pull only specific […]

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Pro Tip: Using an Addon to Filter Video Types

AutoBlogged Addons While AutoBlogged is a powerful autoblogging plugin, it doesn’t have nearly as many features as we would like to put in to it. Fortunately, AutoBlogged makes use of the WordPress API that allows anyone to expand on AutoBlogged’s features. Essentially, you can write plugins for our plugin. AutoBlogged exposes a number of actions […]

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Using AutoBlogged as a Better FeedBurner

Google’s FeedBurner service has long been one of the hottest tools for enhancing, publishing and monitoring your blog’s RSS feeds. Nevertheless, despite it’s usefulness, many bloggers require more control over their feeds, want different monetizing options, and aren’t exactly comfortable sharing their feed branding with Google. What most bloggers do not realize is that you […]

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7 Newbie Autoblogging Mistakes

AutoBlogging is a popular marketing and income strategy and one that can be a great way to build links, park a domain, or earn income from affiliate or ppc advertising. But too often beginners make mistakes that end up getting their hosting accounts suspended, their site flagged as spam, or even get their domain banned […]

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Addon A Day for Seven Days

To demonstrate the power and simplicity of our new API features, this week we are starting our very first Addon-A-Day promotion. Every day for the next seven days we will sit down and write a new AutoBlogged addon. These will be free to all AutoBlogged users. If you have any add-on requests feel free to […]

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Announcing our 2011 Autoblogging Tutorial Contest

For the last few years we have watched our customers build an impressive variety of web sites based on AutoBlogged and we thought it was time to showcase all the different things you can accomplish with our software. Autoblogging in general has a poor reputation on the Internet due to the way some people abuse […]

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AutoBlogged v2.8 Released

We are happy to announce that we finally have our much anticipated v2.8 release ready for download. This is a major update that contains hundreds of bug fixes, user interface changes, performance improvements, and new features. Although there are way too many improvements to list here, we did want to give an overview of some […]

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