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  • Duplicate Filtering – To prevent duplicates articles from appearing in your blog, AutoBlogged can check for existing articles based on the title or the original URL. The options you choose depends on the type of feeds you are using. Some feeds, such as Flickr feeds, often have duplicate titles for different pictures so you may not want to use the title for duplicate checking. Other times you may have multiple sites that syndicate the same articles. In those cases you might want to check for duplicates based on both the title and the link URL.


  • URL Blacklists – You can use this setting to prevent adding feeds from certain domains or based on any portion of the URL. When AutoBlogged processes feeds it compares the URL to all items in the URL blacklist. If any of the blacklisted URL sequences appear in the original link it will skip that post.
  • Keywords Blacklists – This setting is to keep your blog clean and on topic by blocking any posts that contain certain words. You can use this to block spam content or to prevent certain types of content, such as forum posts, from appearing on your blog. Note that unlike feed-level filters, the Keywords Blacklist is compared against the original content if available.

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