Tag Options

General Settings

  • Minimum Tag Length - The is the minimum number of characters a word must contain before it can be used as a tag.
  • Maximum Tag Length - This is the maximum number of characters a word can contain to be allowed as a tag.
  • Maximum Tags per Post – To prevent from adding too many tags to a post, you can limit that maximum tags per post with this setting.

Additional Tags

With an autoblog that does nothing more than show excerpts and point to other sites your site offers little value for users and little uniqueness for search engines. The Additional Tags feature allows you to create a list of keywords, phrases, or search terms that will randomly be added as tags to each post. Not only does this improve your search engine results, it helps users to find relevant content based on the additional keywords you provide.

Note that this list is global for all feeds. You can also add tags individually to each feed using this setting.

Tag Filtering

Although the internal keyword extraction engine is quite accurate, because it is still a script some tags may appear too frequently, are not relevant, or simply do not make sense. You can use this setting to block certain tags.

Note that this setting will only block new tags from appearing but it will not remove any existing unwanted tags on your posts.

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